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Farmer’s Fresh & Healthy
Products Ltd (FFH)

We are dedicated in providing a full range of fresh Fruit & Vegetables as well as Ready to Eat Hot&Cold meals.

All raw materials supplied to FFH are checked and ensured of high quality and our suppliers are holders of HACCP, GLOBAL GAP CoC, EN ISO-22000 and/or BRC certifications.

Farmer’s Fresh operates two separate Certified Units of a total area 3100 m2. 

More than 200

Certified Growers


Processing & Packaging

Highest Quality

Fresh vegetables

Why Us

Farmer’s Fresh has invested in facilities, technology and human skills to develop high value fresh products for professionals and the modern consumer. Flexibility in packaging and operations allows for customized solutions to serve the uniqueness of strategic partners. Contact us for private label options and exports in selected products. We market the produce of over 200 certified local growers as well as numerous global partners’ products.


A visionary business leader with a strong business acumen that allows him to combine knowledge, skills and experience in the service of a business venture. Before founding Farmer’s Fresh he held senior positions at Director Level that allowed him to engage in strategy development, turnaround projects and start-up operations. Professionally qualified (Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Certified Accountants) with previous work experience at KPMG and PWC (formerly C&L).

After many years of experience in the Fruit & Vegetable business, founded FFH Farmer’s Fresh & Healthy Products Ltd, that has been put together by highly professional and experienced people in the industry after identifying the need for diversification and adopting the way Cyprus products have been marketed.

Koullis Phylactou has a deep and extensive knowledge of world fruit trade as well as detailed and intimate knowledge of the Cyprus fruit and vegetables market from grower to consumer. He set up state of the art infrastructure that put Farmer’s Fresh in a growth trajectory both locally as well as internationally.

Koullis Phylactou

Founder & President